Sunday, January 29, 2012

look at the bun on that!

Red Robin now has a gluten free bun, and it is YUMMM. Scott & I ate there yesterday, after I'd had dreams - literally - about really ordering a bun in a restaurant that (in my experience) is in tune with the worries of food allergy guests. They update their Wheat/Gluten Allergy Menu monthly.  All allergen information is available here. (Please note, the fries shown here are without the seasoned salt, which isn't GF.)

The bun is airy, fluffy, and squishy.  (To my followers who don't eat gluten free, relish in the fact that your bread is probably soft.  That's not the case with most gluten free options.)  This bun is similar to the consistency and flavor of a croissant - and I looooove croissants.  As I ate my burger & did my happy food shimmy - yes, I have a little dance I do as I eat something really satisfying - I played with the springy bun.  Seeing how delighted I was, Scott called the server over to ask about the bun.  Within a few minutes, the manager came over and informed us that the buns are from Gordon Food Service (GFS).  Naturally we took a detour on the way home to track them down! 

Bad news: GFS has a contract to only sell these buns to Red Robin.  Boo!  But there's a 27-page document of products that GFS will happily sell to the general public.  Highlight what you'd like, bring the document in, and they'll place an order!  The sales representative printed out a copy for me.  Here is the lengthy list for the Midwest.  It's mostly in bulk, so if you're in/around Cincinnati and would like to split an order of something, let me know!  Alternatively, a suggestion was made for me to go ahead & buy the bulk products, make kits, and offer them to GF friendies.

I also may have an arrangement with someone who can get these yummy buns for me.  It sounds like it but really isn't the black market of gluten free bread!  If you're located in/near the Cincinnati area and interested, let me know!  I may be seeing about a case early next month.

Happy eating!

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  1. Why did you have to post this?? Haha that is awesome that Red Robin has a gluten free bun! Thanks for the info!