Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a life in service & a meeting announcement

Hello, Gluten Free World!

My apologies for the little hiatus.  I had so many ideas in mind for posts for Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, but I was glutened on Friday at lunch.  Ugh.  It threw everything off - sick that night, Saturday, and still recovering on Sunday, meaning today was my day to cram in the weekend's intended endeavors. Most of the weekend, I sat on the futon and delved into family history on Ancestry.com.  Food was the last thing I wanted to focus on - a rarity for me.

Many folks posted quotes on Facebook & Twitter from Dr. King in his honor today.  I admire the succinctness and simple eloquence of this, one of my favorites:

Life's most persistent and urgent question is: "What are you doing for others?"

Like this quote, my family's (and my ancestors') long record of service to others - through being teachers, first responders, nurses, farmers, and servicemembers - continually refuels my inspiration in times of hardship and self-doubt.  My aim is for this blog to be of service to others. 

This post was supposed  to simply be an announcement of the next meeting of the Cincinnati Celiac Support Group.  Without further ado:

7 pm on Tuesday, January 17
Loveland, Ohio 45140

Click on the address for a Google map.  The topic will be gluten free summer camps for kids.  There will be free fun, food, and fellowship :)

I'm coming up with a list of crave-foods I plan to cook by the month's end:
  • Crab cakes - I lost the recipe I used in September!
  • Breadsticks (like Pizza Hut makes)
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
  • Fried chicken (not unlike KFC)
I still can't make or find pizza quite like the greasy but oh-so-yummy stuff.  There's one I love in Waverly, but 2 hours (4 roundtrip) is a haul for a pizza.  If you have any you're missing (or you would miss for my non-gluten sensitive readers), let me know!  I love to play around in my kitchen laboratory.

Happy eating to all of you!

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