Wednesday, December 7, 2011

when butter was a food group

Within an hour of getting home most days after work, I have popcorn.  By have I mean devour.  It's a good source of fiber (something important for everyone but especially gluten-free foodies), 100% whole grain, and an excellent vehicle for butter. 

When I was little, my dad pointed out that neither my mom nor I can say butter without smiling.  Even our eyes smile! So I laughed out loud when I saw this early depiction of the 7 recommended food groups in the December issue of ShopSmart:

I'm pretty sure these are the guidelines I follow, despite wanting to be a good little eater and abide by the new My Plate design:

If you're heading to DC for the holidays (before January 3rd), What's Cooking, Uncle Sam? The Government's Effects on the American Diet is on display at the National Archives and includes the first poster, which is from the 1940s.  Allergy folks couldn't agree more with the exhibit's tagline:

Food.  We love it, fear it, and obsess about it.

Which brings me back to popcorn...  Now, not all popcorn is gluten-free, although many varieties are, and some folks suggest just skipping the confusion and making your own with an air popper.  I have one and love it, but sometimes - at work, for example - it's a little cumbersome.  A lot of microwave popcorn is safe, but not all.  Personally, I trust Orville Redenbacher and love their Tender White.  I add freshly melted butter, as much as I'm in the mood for.  I've read that most microwave popcorn is safe, as are most movie theater options.  Best bet: check with the manufacturer. 

Pure butter is gluten free, but spread, margarine, and butter sauce sometimes need a second look.

Not much causes as much fear in my bones as crumbs in the butter dish.  For those in a shared house like me, be sure you have separate butters (as well as peanut butters, jars of mayonnaise, jelly, other condiments, and toasters).  It's also taken some training to stop myself from using the 5 second rule.  I feel wasteful if I drop something & don't eat it, but it's just not worth it. 

For more information on popcorn, here are some links:
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  1. Interesting about the food groups! I hadn't seen the circle with butter as group 7. I love it!!! You provide several great links that are very informative.

  2. Jessi if I was to start gluten free and it make me look as beautiful as you, You could count me in (((: But all jokes aside this sounds like a great idea and a must try.

  3. @Ronda, thank you :) I mistakenly thought I'd shown you the article. It's a must read!

    @Shell, that's sooo sweet - thanks!!