Friday, December 16, 2011

gopicnic turkey pepperoni, turkey stick, sunbutter, & salmon

This week I tried the Turkey Stick + Crunch on Tuesday at lunch, Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese meal on Tuesday after work & before a meeting with the Young Professionals of the American Cancer Society, and Sunbutter + Crackers on Wednesday night.

Here are the contents of the Turkey Stick + Crunch meal:
The whole thing was delicioso.  I'd love to name my favorite part.  The, the fruit snacks...wait, the cookie!  I don't know!!  I'd seen the package at Jungle Jim's one day a few months ago and was so excited about Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks being gluten free, I bought a tray of them.  It's the closest to a Slim Jim stick I've found.  According to the FAQs section on their website, all meats (with the exception of beef jerky) are gluten free.

A plus: the crunchy cookie had a 75 cent coupon for an Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookie Box, 6.3 oz or more.   Woohoo!

Because I ate the Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese meal in the car before my meeting, I couldn't get any decent pics with my Blackberry.  (How dare I not have my camera!)  But the fact that I don't have a picture also means I devoured the whole thing.  Mmm.

It included:
The Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee was definitely my favorite part.  Inside this pink wrapper is a golden nugget, enclosing the yumminess.  I've never been that into Heath bars, despite them being one of my parents' favorites.  If they tasted like this, oooooooooh.

On Wednesday night, I broke out the Sunbutter + Crackers.  Whoa - yum!!


This particular meal is all-natural, gluten free, vegan, and free of 7 of the 8 common allergens - not to mention fantastic!  I'm thinking I might need to buy a six-pack of just these!!

I saved what I expected to be the best for last: Salmon + Crackers.

For those without food allergies and other sensitivities, those of us with them become very accustomed to inspecting everything we eat for our enemies.  For me: gluten, ginger, and onion.  Out of habit, I read over the label on the salmon.  When I came across both ginger and onion, I let out an audible sigh of dismay.  I already knew the fruit and nut mix was out of the question for me, but the salmon?!  :(  

Sooooo...the Sweet Perry Orchards Ginger Zip Fruit & Nut Mix, GoPicnic Chili Lime Salmon Spread, and Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers (because it's just not right to give a spread without some crackers!) will be part of the December to Remember giveaway on Sunday.  Comment and/or follow to enter to win!!

I'd tried the other 2 items - Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame and Brown & Haley Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee Candy - in previous GoPicnic meals.  They were as tasty today as they were earlier this week.  I ate the candy for dessert (after reheating some leftover simple, homemade chicken parmesan I just happened to have in the work fridge) and stuffed the edamame in my coat pocket for the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo tonight.

Again, be sure to comment and/or follow to enter to win!

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