Thursday, December 15, 2011

peanut noodles & gopicnic tuna+crackers

I've been a busy little eater.  It's what I do best.  On Monday I taste-tested two items: peanut noodles and a dolphin-safe tuna spread.

For lunch, I decided to try A Taste of Thai Peanut Noodles.  According to their site, it's their most popular Quick Meal.  I can say one thing for sure - it gave my intern a strong craving for some Thai!  
It was really quick, but the directions were a bit unclear.  The numbers go 1 - 3 - 2 - 4.  My mom (who's big in literacy and following directions) will be disappointed to know that I didn't read the numbers.  I ended up needing to stick the carton in the microwave a little longer, at which point it sprung a leak and had to be transferred to a bowl. 
Although tasty (and spicier than it appears!) it didn't quite match the packaging.  It looked all brown and saucy, but mine was anything but.  It was yummy and filling, regardless.  I can't remember where I picked this up - either Kroger or Jungle Jim's.  There's a handy Find Item in a Store button.  However, it says they aren't within 50 miles of my zip code.  Odd.

I haven't really been eating quite enough.  I know, you probably hate me for that.  I have an overactive thyroid but a fast metabolism.  It's confusing and means I need to eat lots of little meals (which I hear is healthier for folks anyway).  If I don't eat enough, I get a low blood pressure issue and, oftentimes, a migraine.  So these GoPicnic meals might be just what I needed!

So after work (for second lunch), I decided to try another GoPicnic meal from their new gluten free variety pack (YUM!) I'd ordered on Amazon's Gluten Free zone.

I'm not usually much on tuna.  I flipped a mental coin.  After all, I've got other meals I could pick.  But I want to like tuna.  It's cheap, healthy, and so many people go ga-ga for tuna salad!  OK.  Side A: give the Tuna + Crackers a shot.  Side B: give it away this Sunday.  The imaginary coin spun.  A won.

The travel spork is my favorite!! 

I'm sure the tuna is fabulous for those who enjoy tuna in the first place.  It was a spread with little tuna chunks, and the lemon & pepper flavors were not overwhelming.  They mixed well with the multi-seed crackers.  But I still wasn't feeling it.  I kicked myself a little for not just knowing & giving it away instead.  At least I tried.  The remainder of the meal was delicious!  The applesauce is very similar to Mott's Healthy Harvest Sauce...or maybe homemade without the chunks and sugar. 
That's it for now, but look for my reviews of Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese, Turkey Stick + Crunch, and Sunbutter + Crackers - coming soon!!  I haven't yet tried the Salmon + Crackers and plan to do so tomorrow. 

Convenience isn't so easy when you're gluten free.  It's immensely better now than just two years ago, let alone 10!  What's your favorite go-to snack?  Is there anything you miss and haven't yet found a suitable replacement?  For gluten-eater readers, what would you long for?

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