Tuesday, March 4, 2014

frozen waffles at kroger

Hi, gluten free friends!

It's been way too long since I last posted.  So sorry about that!  Between working at my new job, taking classes at two universities to be able to start the next phase of nursing school in the summer, and family stuff, I let myself get bogged down.  On the bright side, Mom finished her 3-month treatment for leukemia.  Now we wait on additional results and the next plan.  It's also pretty apparent that I've got yet another food sensitivity going on to add to my list.  I don't want to further restrict my diet, but a person shouldn't have daily headaches and feel terrible every time they eat.  Today I visited a new allergist and will soon have allergy testing (again & more thorough).

I'm pretty bad about not eating breakfast, but I enjoy a good quick waffle almost as much as I like pizza.  Fortunately, I recently stumbled across some delicious gluten free frozen waffles.  While Van's Natural Foods, Kinnikinnick Foods, and Nature's Path each offer a frozen waffle, none really offered the flavor of the good old Eggo I missed.  Many gluten free varieties are sweetened with fruit juice.  I love that it's more health conscious...but it's cloyingly sweet to my sleepy tastebuds in the morning!

Until I found Simple Truth Gluten Free Waffles last month...
They toast pretty evenly, have a nice flavor, and don't have that same sweetness of the other gluten free options.  They come in a pack of 8, and they're found in the organic section at your local Kroger.

Simple Truth is a relatively new in-house brand of organic and/or natural products at Kroger.  

Enjoy, and happy eating :)

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