Tuesday, October 16, 2012

goodbye gluten, hello soft bread!

Happy World Bread Day!

When this amazing package arrived last month, I became speechless and bug-eyed.  Goodbye Gluten, a new brand out of Pennsylvania, came to the market on July 17 with two varieties: white and multigrain. 
I was fortunate to share this delightful treat with several gluten free friendies across Southern and Southwest Ohio.  A few comments from the taste-testers:
  • Thank you so much!  It was so good, we didn't believe it was gluten free.  I tried it, and my family ate the whole thing before I saw my gluten free friend!  We loved it!  Where can I get it?...Oh, Columbus and Cleveland?  I can do that!  Let me know when it's here! 
  • That was delicious!  When can I get it here?! 
  • Thanks sooooo much for the bread!! It's awesome!!!!!!!  It's excellent.  Hope it becomes available closer to here.  Tastes like real white bread.  Thanks again!
  • Wow, that is good!
  • I love the bread.  It was perfect!  It isn't like Udi's - that's hard and has big holes that your mayonnaise or whatever goes through.  This doesn't do that.
  • Oh my gosh, that's good!  Ooh, try this!  That is really good.  It doesn't taste gluten free, and it's soft!  It tastes real!
Unlike other brands I'd tried, it smells like the gluten-filled breads that I've missed, is unbelievably soft & squishy, doesn't have large holes, and - whoa - is shelf-stable!  It even says on the package, "Bread retains its best quality if stored at room temperature."  I'm not sure how long it stays good; everyone's gobbled theirs up well before it went bad.  Other bonuses: it's dairy-free, certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, and one slice has 2 grams of protein & 3% Daily Value of dietary fiber.

Goodbye Gluten made a fantastic turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich, and easily the best peanut butter & jelly sandwich I've had in three years.  Until Goodbye Gluten, the only way I liked GF PB&J was toasted.
As the initial phase of the brand launch, Goodbye Gluten is available across the Midwest:
Hopefully they'll be available in Kroger stores in the near future!  The Cincinnati Celiac Support Group met with Kroger staff last night during our October meeting and shared our new-found love for this brand.  When it is, be sure to visit the Goodbye Gluten site for a coupon offer!

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