Wednesday, March 14, 2012

be happy bars

Tonight following a meeting at Coffee Emporium with the Mayor's Young Professional Kitchen Cabinet (YPKC) Health & Environment Committee Subcommittee on Healthcare Access & Obesity, I needed a snack. It was one of those difficult to eat enough days already. As I was perusing their menu - Coffee Emporium has some salads that sound delectable - I noticed this gluten free snack bar sitting on the counter by the register.

Made by the local company Be Happy, Be Healthy, it hit the spot. The agave nectar seems to hold it all in place for the most part. Like many snack bars, it's a bit crumbly but worth it. The sesame & sunflower seeds give a nice crunch, and the raisins and cranberries have the sugar my body craved. I didn't really notice the coconut but might when I buy one again - which will be soon :)

Happy eating!

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