Saturday, February 18, 2012

gluten free cajun in the queen city

Okay, gluten free foodies, you know that super cool restaurant you love to walk past & smell but are anxious to try?  I bit the bullet this month.  J. Gumbo's Cajun Joint is located in my building at work, and they have gluten free options!  (Just remember to order it without bread or cornbread!)
  • Voodoo chicken - Tender chicken cooked with garlic & olive oil in a SPICY tomato sauce. Served over rice.
  • Bourbon street chicken - Tender chicken glazed with a slightly sweet butter hoisin sauce. Served over rice.
  • Bumblebee stew - Yellow corn, stewed tomatoes, onions & black beans in a sweet & spicy cream sauce. Served over rice.
  • Jambalaya - Creole-style jambalaya with tender chicken, bell peppers, sausage, rice, celery, & onion.
  • Red beans & rice - Slow-cooked Camellia beans served with smoked sausage, onions & celery over rice.
  • White chili - Cajun white bean chili with stewed tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeno peppers & a hint of dill. Served with rice.
When - not if - you go, you'll be invited to try a sample.  The portions are generous and delicious, and the prices are reasonable. 

Believe it or not, voodoo chicken and bourbon street chicken - the most popular options - are both onion- and gluten-free.  That means a happy Jessi.

Bourbon Street Chicken, which has a buttery sweetness that's delectable

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  1. That looks like good, southern soul food!

  2. It's awfully tasty! We might have to see how early you can get here on Friday. They're open 11-3.